HQ: 11103 Birch Way Clinton, MD 20735 USA || West Africa: House Number 67, Ecowas road, Accra, Ghana.

  • HQ: 11103 Birch Way Clinton, MD 20735 USA. West Africa: House Number 67, Ecowas road, Accra, Ghana.


* Southern Africa Social Entrepreneurship Institute: Our SASCI shall serve as the umbrella structure through which we shall drive the social entrepreneurship program for the continent; So far we have entered into agreements with local partners in this region to develop this area, with the Republic of Botswana chosen as the pilot seat of our operations. Focus shall be on Media, ICT, and bonding tertiary industry.

* African Human Rights Library: There is an astounding lack of coordinated human rights libraries in Africa. Sporadic documentation facilities can be found here and there. Our human rights library aims at assembling over100.000 volumes covering, both continental and global human rights concerns. EAHRHI has projected to work closely with local partners to establish the library in Abuja, FCT, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

* Human Rights Curriculum Development: It is generally said that “Change is easier for children than adults”. Therefore, educating young people about the conditions for democracy and the importance of protecting human rights is one of the most valuable investments that a society can make in its future; the youngsters today are “the voters, parliamentarians, teachers, police officers of tomorrow.” In a complex continent such as Africa, violations of human rights at all levels necessitate human rights education at all school levels in general and teacher education in particular. For this reason, it is just very appropriate that human rights education find its rightful place in the school curriculum, teacher training courses, and other supplementary educational materials. Our human rights curriculum development project, seeks to put in place a multi-sector stakeholder network of experts to help develop a curriculum for primary schools and secondary schools in Africa. We are working with key North American partners to site the pilot in Southern Africa.