HQ: 11103 Birch Way Clinton, MD 20735 USA || West Africa: House Number 67, Ecowas road, Accra, Ghana.

  • HQ: 11103 Birch Way Clinton, MD 20735 USA. West Africa: House Number 67, Ecowas road, Accra, Ghana.


* Social Entrepreneurship Development:- Our social entrepreneurship development link drives small and middle scale change by partnering with local businesses, individuals and organizations in Africa to build and establish solid, youth oriented social entrepreneurs. eahrhi achieves this through its Trainee-Employee program; this program focuses on selecting, conducting hands-on training, and help set-up cluster businesses for young social entrepreneurs in clearly targeted industry.

* Human Rights Training:- As part of our awareness and education activities, eahrhi organizes regular human rights training. Our training pack comes in two distinct formats; internal and external. The training targets communities, public and private groupings, corporate bodies, advocacy groups, human resource management bodies, infrastructure firms, individuals and other stakeholders in the society including government institutions and agencies. Our trainings usually last from 1 to 5 days, they are tailored to:-

  • Permit organizations step-up the quality of their services they require by getting their staff, properly drilled in matters of human rights.
  • Empower communities, individuals, and other segments of the population to be able to stand against all acts that perpetuate poverty, inequalities, and absence of dignity. Our trainings will equip you to appreciate your rights, and use such knowledge to stand for your entitlement in society.
  • All our trainings are participatory in approach. This inclusive approach permits exchange of ideas, debates, cordial discussion that open the way for participants to appreciate the manner of dealing with the various human rights theories and practice.
  • All our training packages are very friendly and adaptable. They are tailored to meet with the demands of the targeted community, organizations or individuals.
  • Our team of trainers is a competent professionals selected from across various industries and professional groupings including University men and women, human rights experts etc.

* Human Rights Consulting:- We also run a special human rights consulting booth that offers focused driven services to help organizations inculcate a human rights culture in their operations. Our consultants shall work with you to develop relevant human rights strategies, action plans, and a human rights information system for your organization. We can also conceive, design and assist you implement special human rights events for your organization. Our consulting booth is facilitated by a cross section of experts, who work to ensure that you get the best from our service delivery.

Girls IT Knowledge Project (GITKP)
The introduction of computers in African schools has improved compared to the situation in the late 80s. However, when measured on a global scale, there is so much that still needs to be done. Because of the vital role that education plays in permitting girls and women have access to ICT-related opportunities, it is vital to step up efforts and close the existing gap, faced by the African girl-child and women as a whole. The EAHRHI GITKP aims at giving the African girl-child an opportunity to not only acquire ICT-related skills, (computing, graphics design, web design, and hardware maintenance) but to also assist them set-up cluster IT related business after their training. A very special component of the project focuses on training girls living with HIV-AIDS and also accompanying them set up cluster IT related businesses. The pilot project is scheduled for Mbabane, Swaziland.