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Never Again – Ending The Scourge of Slavery in Africa

The story of slavery most often than not have told by descendants of those who organized, perpetuated and benefitted from this worst of all evils mankind has imbued upon itself. In Africa, it is the story of how a people, because of their sheer physical strength and colour of their skin became the ever-churning wheel of a barbaric trade, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade that thingified, depersonalized and dehumanized them for more than a thousand years. When it was not the Europeans, it was the Arabs, and when it is no longer the Europeans and the Arabs, it is the African strongmen and alien aspects of respective cultures which has continue to reduce mankind, and in extreme circumstances the African Girl-Child to situations in which they are considered ‘good for nothing’ but making babies and kitchen-friendly. Robbing a continent of more than 20 million of its inhabitants – men, women children and grand-children, taking their prime away and reducing them to anything less than ‘nothing’ was not only morally criminal, conscientiously sinful but sheer evil! David K. Androff wrote on Global Dialogue in 2012 under the caption: The Scourge of Slavery: The Contemporary Reality of an International Human Rights Challenge that:

Slavery has been present around the world throughout history. Aristotle famously justified slavery as a natural, necessary and beneficial social status. Across the globe and through antiquity, empires were built upon the enslavement of people. Until the relatively recent abolition movements, slavery was an accepted form of human relations. Now, it is universally accepted that slavery is wrong, immoral, illegal, and a violation of human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) forbids slavery, forced labour, servitude, and the slave trade. The International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (1966) provides for the right to work in a safe environment for fair and just pay. Yet despite this reversal in attitudes about slavery and the myriad laws and international agreements confirming its illegality, slavery persists. It is a troubling aspect of the problem that slavery is illegal everywhere, but also practised everywhere.

As CEO of the ebenezer akwanga human rights and humanitarian institute (eahrhi), I visited the Cape Coast Polytechnic (CCP) on Monday, May 30, 2016 at 3:00 PM Ghanaian time to address a class of more than a hundred enthusiastic female students on the necessity to be part of a movement to end Early Child Marriages in Africa, put a Stop to increasing acts of Rape and Violence Against Women and the African Girl-Child, to understand the dangers of the act of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the necessity to stamped it out from the society, and the importance of formal Education for the female child in Africa. You can watch/listen to the full presentation below.

I then made a historic trip to Cape Coast Castle, considered one of the most infamous slave “castles,” in the West African country of Ghana, built in 1653 for trade in timber and gold by the Swedish Africa Company, under the direction of Hendrik Carloff, for the King of Sweden. Originally built with wood, and later rebuilt in stone, the Castle which stand as a fortress, was the site of the European struggle for domination of the major sea ports along the Atlantic coast of Africa. From the infamous historic ‘Door of No Return’, to the ‘Cells of Death’, the punishment cells for the African women who resisted raping from the European soldiers and slave owners and the ‘Tunnel to the Door of No Return’, my trip to this pillar of man’s inhumanity to man, a structural symbol which represents so much hatred, evil and despicable acts of barbarism re-affirmed my personal conviction and the position of the eahrhi on the burning necessity to hit slavery on the ‘small of its back’ and intensify the process of its total eradication in Africa and the rest of the world. However, as an institution, the eahrhi can only successfully do this by unveiling the true magnitude of this deadening scourge.

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