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LESNUME Academic Development Scholarship


My name is Leonard-Spencer Nembu-Meka Akwanga, Jr and I am 9-years-old. LESNUME represents my first and middle name and am glad for those who are the first recipients of this scholarship. The idea of helping underprivileged children in Africa came to me when I was in South Africa with my Dad where he was studying for his doctoral degree. I witnessed so much suffering and then told my dad that when I grow up I would like to help other children have the possibility of going to school. I just want them to grow up so that they too can help themselves and their parents. Back in Maryland, I informed my mother of what I saw in South Africa and that one day I will keep enough money to help some children to go to school. My Mummy and Daddy then told me that they would help begin the realization of my dream so that when I am big enough I would continue it myself. I am so happy that this has become a reality. Thank you, mummy and daddy, and congratulations to my sisters, the first winners of LESNUME ADS 2016.



Charity Linda Achieng is from Kenya,  East Africa. She was born on March 10, 2007 in Naivasha, Kenya. She is the last born of four children from a single mom. She currently attends Oereo Primary School, in Naivasha, East Region of Kenya. She is in Class 4.



Oluwabukola Adaeze Nita Solomon Rafiu is the first child of seven (being the father, mother and other four seedings. She was born June 10th, 2003 in Jikwoyi, Karu Local Government Area, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja to Mr. Solomon Oluwabunmi Rafiu and Mrs. Oluchi Veronica Rafiu both of Nigerian citizen. She is presently in Junior Secondary School 2 at Apex Academy International School.



Awuni Celestine was born on May 22, 2008 at Samreboi, Western Region of Ghana. She comes from a polygamous home of 17 children were she is the last born of seven children from her mother-side and the fifteenth overall. She is a Class 2 pupil at Aggreyso D/C primary school, Wasa AMANFI, Samreboi, Western Region of Ghana.

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