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Human Rights Village

The EAHRHI Human Rights Village is a 3 days long public human rights fair that shall be moved from one African Capital to the other; EAHRHI’s objective with the rights village project is to rally the continent once every year by taking the human rights village from one country to the other, mobilizing all major

Human Rights Training

  It is generally said that “Change is easier for children than adults”. Therefore, educating young people about the conditions for democracy and the importance of protecting human rights is one of the most valuable investments that a society can make in its future; the youngsters today are “the voters, parliamentarians, teachers, police officers of

Girls IT Knowledge Project (GITKP)

The introduction of computers in African schools has improved compared to the situation in the late 80s. However, when measured on a global scale, there is so much that still needs to be done. Because of the vital role that education plays in permitting girls and women have access to ICT-related opportunities, it is vital